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Posted by on Oct 13, 2017 in SEO |

How to Become a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Is there a reason that you should take up one of these apprenticeships in digital marketing ? The need for it is quite high if you can’t get the picture quite right yet. As you witness the way things are progressing, especially with how markets and businesses are dealt with these days, most of them are doing their business online. The old traditional way of marketing your products and services still exist s , but digital marketing is much more in demand these days. This kind of work, however, is best suited to those who have just graduated from college or finished their school. It is a good idea to start on your digital apprenticeship while it is still fresh.

The main point that social media apprentice roles are offered in the first place is to make you learn more about digital marketing at a sandbox level. This will give you more freedom and relaxation in learning more about digital marketing. This will also make you ready for whatever work your employer has for you. If you love the digital stuff, this is the right option for you to take.

But you can’t just take an apprenticeship right away. Here is a couple of steps to do so that you will get that apprenticeship that you are looking for .

Digital CV

Getting a digital marketing apprenticeship starts with creating a digital CV. Its purpose is to prove that you have skill and passion in this field. It can be daunting at this stage to create a CV when you barely have the experience to show for it , but your employers are expecting this. They know that you are passionate and you are still at the basic level of learning digital marketing. What they want to know is that if you got the right attitude to be in the role.

Transferable Skills

Since you might be thinking about how empty your CV is going to be, you already have gained some skills without realizing it. Think about the skills that you ha d acquired when you were still in college or at work – have you ever participated in a club that needs teamwork ? Have you also had a part time job wherein you need to communicate using sales techniques? Most jobs in digital marketing require that you work in a team and you also need to communicate with your customers and also with your team. Think carefully of what you have done in the past and see your experience can be a gift to the digital world.


Any person that has considered digital apprenticeships will unanimously agree that there is a lot of information and it can be quite tedious to understand them. But it is important for you to familiarize and understand what you are signing up for . You will find advice from people that have done their work in digital marketing before you, not to mention they have already broken down what you need to get an apprenticeship.

It also won’t hurt if you get some experience that will be worth putting o n your CV.